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We are two software engineers who are also friends. We make software for people who ask us to and pay us to do it. Sometimes it's pretty good. Sometimes it's not.

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So, what can you guys do?

Pretty much anything. We've both worked in the tech and finance industry for years in Seattle, San Francisco, and Austin. Our focus remains web/mobile applications, but we've literally been asked to do crazy stuff we couldn't have dreamed up and still figured it out eventually.


We both have over a decade of production experience in AWS and Azure. We might not be certified, but we manage to stump customer support people all the time so we must understand something about the cloud, right? You could say this is our "bread and butter," but you probably wouldn't cause that's a weird term.


Satellites, GSM, Custom Breadboards, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth-LE, RFID reader manufacturing and much much more. And that was just one client. We don't just tinker when it comes to building reliable "things" for the internet, we dabble! (And we also actually build good stuff too.)

Big Data/AI/ML

It's one thing to say you can do "big data," it's another to have actually done it. But seriously, from pipelines to ingest and analyze millions of IoT events per day, to loan underwriting criteria and evaluation, to US stock market security analysis for anomalies, we don't just have certifications, degrees, or Stanford University Coursera courses on AI, we have experience.

Our only client...for now


We have been building a big data pipeline for analyzing millions of tag scans for cattle ranchers around the world in the cloud. The goal was to make a simple to use for analysis, yet robust and scalable way for events to be received, enriched, analyzed, and actioned.

  • AWS Cloud Native

  • TimescaleDB

  • 100% Serverless

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So, you are interested in seeing if we can help?

Because we probably can, then again we also might not be able to. Either way, we do actually have email and will respond. So put yours here and we'll reach out.

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